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Dec 21 2012

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Financial Controller

Key Function

· Actively assist the Dealer Principal to maximise smooth running and profitability of the dealership.

· Provide all necessary and relevant financial information to a consistently high standard and to agreed deadlines.

· Continuously review effectiveness of all accounting, administration and IT systems within the business. Identify areas for development and recommend solutions.

· Assist the Dealer Principal with external stakeholder relationship management.

· Ensure the business meets all statutory requirements.

Strategic Planning Responsibilities

- Establish and develop the dealership organisation and control systems to ensure the efficient operation of each department, consistent with its present and future objectives

· Create with each Department Manager co-ordinated, detailed annual plans and budgets, in line with defined long term goals, for each section of the business covering all targets for profitability, productivity, and resource control and market development.

· Enable the implementation of these plans and budgets through business management systems to identify and explain variances. To monitor continuously all adverse trends and potential problems and take corrective action in a timely manner.

· Agree all operating policies of the business in conjunction with the Dealer Principal including: pricing and credit limits; customer service levels; warranty and guarantee policies; new and used vehicle trading; resource control; liaison with suppliers; discounting; payment and benefit plans.

Specific Operational Responsibilities

· Production of accurate and detailed management accounts in BMW/MINI format within 10 working days from end of month.

· Actively assist the Dealer Principal and Management Team with interpretation of the monthly accounts and suggest actions where appropriate.

· Ensure that the business is administered legally, professionally and in keeping with the BMW/MINI Brands at all times.

· Ensure that reporting systems within the dealership enable accurate production of Daily Operating Controls by Department Managers.

· Prepare a Weekly Operating Control for the Dealer Principal by close of business each Monday.

· Monitor all general overhead expenses of the business. Suggest actions to reverse any adverse trends

· Provide accurate and up to date Aged Debtor analysis and implement effective credit control systems to minimise outstanding debts.

· Provide accurate and effective cash management (daily, weekly and monthly) planning in consultation with all Department Managers and the Dealer Principal.

· Ensure that all bank statements are reconciled at least weekly.

· Reconcile all Balance Sheet and Control Accounts each month.

· Maintain accurate and up to date Fixed Asset Register.

· Prepare all necessary information for and liaise with external funding partners.

· Liaise with Company Auditors for preparation of Statutory Accounts and Reports.

· Manage personnel and employment issues for all employees including contract of employment, income confirmations and references. Keep statutory records regarding salaries, wages and other internal records. Prepare and settle payroll and PAYE/PRSI recording and accounting together with Corporation Tax payments as appropriate.

· Maintain accurate statutory records regarding Value Added Tax. Submit timely and appropriate returns.

· Ensure correct accounting for VRT paid on vehicles.

· Ensure accurate and timely submission of relevant financial information (e.g.IFCs) to BMW/MINI.

· Recruit, appraise and develop team members based upon criteria agreed with Dealer Principal.

· Other ad-hoc duties as agreed with the Dealer Principal from time to time.


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