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REACH Focal Point Jordan

Background on ACTED

ACTED is an independent international, private, non-partisan and non-profit organization that operates according to principles of strict neutrality, political and religious impartiality, and non discrimination.

ACTED was created in 1993 to support populations affected by the conflict in Afghanistan. Based in Paris, France, ACTED now operates in 31 countries worldwide, with over 200 international and 3000 national staff. ACTED has a 110 million € budget for over 325 projects spanning 8 sectors of intervention; including emergency relief, food security, health promotion, economic development, education & training, microfinance, local governance & institutional support, and cultural promotion.

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Country profile

Capital Office : Amman

National Staff : 25 (July 2012)

International Staff : 6 (July 2012)

Areas : 1 (North of West Bank)

On-going programmes: 2

Bugdet : 1.6 M€ (2011)

Today, the ACTED Amman is the Regional Coordination Office for MENA region.

Sexual Reproductive Health Rights, refugees and civil society: ACTED’s multi-sectorial humanitarian and development intervention in Jordan - ACTED has been working in Jordan since 2005, supporting missions in the Middle East and North Africa. Besides acting as a regional office, ACTED has become fully operational in Jordan, implementing two in-country projects from February 2011. The main axes of intervention of ACTED Jordan are sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR), social support to refugees and strengthening of the Jordanian civil society, with a special focus on youth and women.
Position profile

REACH is the information management system implemented by IMPACT Initiatives in partnership with ACTED, supporting the humanitarian communities. Under the supervision of the ACTED Country Director, the REACH Focal Point is responsible for the management and implementation of all REACH programmes and project components conducted by ACTED in country. Moreover, he/she will be responsible for the coordination of REACH activities with relevant partners, actors, and stakeholders and will be required to provide input to the strategic development of REACH both in Jordan and regionally in response to the regional aspects of the Syrian crisis.


The REACH Focal Point shall be responsible for:

- Management of REACH staff to ensure a smooth and timely implementation of activities;

- Ensuring that assessment strategies are implemented in a structured and coherent manner;

- Liaising with programme staff of other ACTED departments to ensure close coordination and information sharing is maintained;

- Supporting and advising data collection and mapping of datasets from ACTED and other partners

- Supporting the development/revision of assessment / programme strategies, reports, or new proposals.

- Ensure external representation of REACH with Donors, Partners and the wider Aid Community through clusters and sectoral working groups;

1. Representation

- Objective 1.1: Representation

Representation of ACTED/REACH in cluster meetings/ technical working groups in Amman and follow up on technical issues identified in cluster meetings in other parts of the country. This specifically will include liaising with external partners to identify potential for data sets to be integrated into existing databases and mapped to support the coordination of the broader humanitarian community.

The REACH Focal Point will further represent ACTED/REACH vis a vis current and potential donors and communicate relevant information to the ACTED Project Development Manager and Country Director.

Participate in inter-NGO meetings and those of UN agencies and any other relevant inter-governmental institutions at the national or provincial level.

Contribute to the creation of reports, ensuring the quality and accuracy of technical information provided as well as the confidentiality of internal information as required;

More generally, the REACH Focal Point is expected to contribute to the creation of a positive image and overall credibility of the organisation, notably through the application of ACTED’s mandate, ethics, values and stand-point with regard to other actors.

2. REACH Programme Management and Coordination

- Objective 2.1: Management

The REACH Focal Point is responsible for the planning, implementation, and follow up of all REACH activities conducted in Jordan. In operations in which REACH is a project component of a wider ACTED intervention, the REACH Focal Point is required to contribute to the preparation and follow up of the Project Management Framework and ensure that activities are properly coordinated and implemented as per the Project Cycle Management.

The REACH Focal Point shall manage logistics, financial, administration and HR processes directly related to REACH and liaise accordingly with the relevant ACTED counterpart. He/she is directly responsible for the implementation of proper ACTED FLAT procedures in all REACH interventions.

The REACH Focal Point is responsible for the timely and accurate preparation of narrative and financial reports related to REACH activities in country through close liaison with the Project Development department.

- Objective 2.2: Implementation

The REACH Focal point is responsible for contributing to the implementation of the projhects. This specifically will mean providing support to the development of assessment, database and GIS tools with the REACH team. This will specifically include designing of data collection tools (household surveys, focus groups, and more); development or review of databases in MS Access and Excel; contributing to GIS data collection procedures and mapping thereof through ARC Gis and other ESRI products in particular; and analysis of spatial and other information to contribute to reports and the like.

It may be expected that the REACH Focal Point will support missions outside of Jordan, potentially including travel throughout MENA or elsewhere.

- Objective 2.3: Coordination

The REACH Focal Point shall provide technical support to the relevant ACTED department in terms of the preparation of new project proposals, development of programme strategies, implementation of project activities, and any other required REACH input to ACTED projects for added-value.

The REACH Focal Point shall liaise with focal points from the MENA region and throughout the IMPACT Initiatives and ACTED networks to provide and receive support in the expansion of REACH globally, with an emphasis on MENA.

3. REACH HR Management

- Objective 3.1: Staff Management

The REACH Focal Point is responsible for all REACH staff. He/she is expected to guide and direct REACH staff and prepare and follow up workplans with each staff member that directly reports to him/her. The REACH Focal Point will be required to take the lead in the recruitment of REACH staff in coordination with the ACTED HR Officer. This will include the preparation of ToRs, observation of recruitment procedures by planning recruitment needs in advance, and undertake interviews.

Accountability to Communities and Beneficiaries

The staff member is responsible for ensuring that all relations with the communities we work are conducted in a respectful and consultative manner. Due attention must be paid to ensuring that communities are adequately consulted and informed about ACTED programme objectives, activities, beneficiary selection criteria, and methodologies. This is the responsibility of every ACTED staff member.

- Excellent analytical skills;

- Ability to operate in a cross-cultural environment requiring flexibility;

- Familiarity with the aid system, and understanding of donor and governmental requirements;

- Prior knowledge of the region an asset;

- Fluency in English required

- Ability to operate Microsoft Word, Excel and Project Management software

- Master degree or equivalent experience in Information Systems, GIS, or a relevant discipline

- Strong knowledge of applicable data management and database computer software (JavaScript APIs, Flex, Microsoft Excel/Access, SQL server)

- Ability to work independently

- Strong English communication skills; Arabic a benefit

- Salary defined by the ACTED salary grid; educational level, expertise, hardship, security, and performance are considered for pay bonus

- Additional monthly living allowance

- Free food and lodging provided at the organisation’s guesthouse/or housing allowance (depending on contract length and country of assignment)

- Transportation costs covered, including additional return ticket + luggage allowance

- Provision of medical, life, and repatriation insurance + retirement package
Submission of applications

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