Thursday, January 3, 2013

Writer Jobs

 Position For Excellent Writer

Must Be Graduate or Strong Diploma Holder

An excellent, focused writer is urgently needed for a full time position starting at KShs 10,000 Per Month with impressive regular salary increments upon proven performance.

This position is best suited for persons who really want to pursue a career and grow in this line and not just those looking for any other job to hold.

You MUST be familiar with the following writing types (Please provide precise prove if available):

    In-depth News, especially business news
    Economic Reports
    Business/Market Analysis
    Website Content
    Press Releases
    Research-Driven content

In short you must be an all round writer who can quickly comprehend tasks and work through them fast enough with little or no supervision.

If you don't have a grasp of the above categories of writing, you must be a quick learner and be willing to go through intensive learning/training.

But then you must be a top cream writer.

Your talent to write is much more valuable than anything else.

Other important requirements:

    Must be HONEST
    Quick to learn
    Easy to work with, free of complications
    Passionate writer, not just someone looking for some job
    Ability to go the extra mile to get work done
    Meets Deadlines without fail nor excuses

Work Location

You must be willing to travel to Ongata Rongai (Nairobi) as your job destination.

Convenient proximity to Ongata Rongai therefore will be vital though this is not a necessary requirement since you can always plan yourself out.

Nature of position

This is a full time, serious position with a good working friendly and demanding environment plus good compensation for excellent work.

The perfect opportunity for anyone looking forward to launch a career in this line.

Please submit your application urgently to


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