Friday, May 17, 2013

Contract UI Developer Jobs

SecureZone is looking for an expert UI developer (contract) with expertise integrating jQuery/AJAX/CSS/HTML with a Ruby server environment. Your would be working to help finalize the UI design and translate that into a working client application.

We are building an environment for paranoid control freaks to collaborate on projects and documents. The security model is non-trivial and we're looking to push the boundaries of what's expected from a web application. We need someone who can pick up complex concepts and interactions quickly, understand them deeply enough that they can help to figure out how to distill the user interactions to be as simple and intuitive as possible, and then just make it work.

Applicants are required to be expert in jQuery, AJAX, and CSS in a Ruby server environment. Our system in fact runs in JRuby on a Java server so expertise in those areas are a bonus.

We're a distributed team with developers in New York, Philadelphia, and Portland so telecommuting is an option but be aware that our work day operates on East Coast time.

Finally, this is a 40 hour/week contract position that should last a number of months.

How to Apply:
Send a resume to the e-mail address below.
Company: SecureZone, LLC
Contact person: Not mentioned
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