Monday, November 15, 2010


Scope of Work - Information Officer, 6 months
Updated November 2010
USAID/Kenya/Office of Transition Initiatives
Program Website and more information can be found at

The Information Officer will be responsible for the following:

1.Monitoring the 3 major daily newspapers for key political transition news or coverage of Kenya Transition Initiative (KTI) programming, scanning, cataloging, and saving relevant articles. Managing and organizing newspapers for easy access.
2.Capturing photos, anecdotes, and videos from grantees, staff, and the press. Posting these on an internal website to share with the implementing partner, USAID/Washington, and other stakeholders.
3.Maintaining a program time-line that captures key political events, program highlights, staff movements, and other administrative milestones. The audience of this time-line is those evaluating or reviewing the program as well as new staff.
4.Ensuring that the OTI Program Folder on the USAID server is updated weekly with the OTI-Database and all documents from E-rooms that are maintained by the contractor.
5.Generate OTI-Database reports as needed for different stakeholders.
6.Writing quarterly reports detailing KTI activities throughout the quarter, writing annual reports once a year detailing KTI activities through-out the year
7.Contributing to the bi-weekly transition news that are sent to Washington
8.Select and draft noteworthy program impact bullets for the USAID Administrator
9.Travelling to the field to collect information when necessary and to train staff on taking better pictures.
10.Assist in preparing PowerPoint presentations for review meetings

1.Relevant major, e.g. journalism, documentary, media production, multi media
2.Excellent English writing skills
3.Advanced photography skills
4.Excellent Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook) skills.

Evaluation Factors
1.Experience and qualifications
2.Key sense of the current political context and reform agenda
3.Interpersonal skills
4.Command of written and spoken English

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