Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Graphic Web + Icon Designer

Location: Not mentioned
simple graphic web design fee?
needed to transform to better / awesome design, with icon: thumb up, hd,3d,game,e.g like in image,
time frame up to 2 week, with budget of $81 / 61 Euro.

Home page :[http://hcd-1.imgbox.com/abkB9oia.png?st=YXHDu8ft3aq4C0go5MBVKQ&e=1357498089]

detail page:[http://hcd-1.imgbox.com/abxphes3.png?st=hUTC8jRP972nD1OUndSSgA&e=1357498087]

user profile page: [http://hcd-1.imgbox.com/adgy3Gqw.png?st=eVuShVBn_z0Z8AvV-hTqQQ&e=1357498095]

news page : [http://hcd-1.imgbox.com/abn8zA9H.png?st=l0AKFlAjiYkyEWIIaiW6ng&e=1357498098]

email me at the address below.
Company: Not mentioned
Contact person: Not mentioned
Contact information: markvergin@yahoo.co.uk


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