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Engineering Jobs

 Materials Engineer for Supervision of Road Rehabilitation Works:

    B.Sc. (Eng.) or equivalent,
    15 years post-graduation appropriate
    experience in Design and Supervision of Roads,
    Registered Engineer with the ERB and
    Experience in supervision of Rehabilitation of AC Works

This position is required immediately (March. 2013).

The position will be based in Western Kenya

Senior Surveyor for Dam Construction Works

    B.Sc(Eng.) in Surveying or equivalent qualification,
    minimum of 10 years post-graduation experience in design and supervision of Road Projects.
    Good knowledge of Survey Software and AutoCAD, MS Office Suite.

Apply through email,attaching detailed CV and Testimonials, and indicating Availability; to the email address below

Runji & Partners, Consulting Engineers Ltd
Email: careers
By 15thMarch, 2013

Recruitment at RTI Kenya (16 Positions)

 RTI is an independent organization dedicated to conducting innovative, multidisciplinary research that improves the human condition.

With a worldwide staff of more than 4,000 people, RTI offers innovative research and development and a full spectrum of multidisciplinary services.

RTI International is seeking qualified candidates for a USAID funded 5 year education project aimed at improving early grade reading nationwide in Kenya.

The project will establish one office in Nairobi and 4 offices in Counties to implement the project.

Deputy Project Director

The Deputy Project Director will manage and oversee all administrative and reporting activities for the project including:

    general office operations,
    financial management and communication information technology;
    budget and grants; and
    ensuring financial and administrative compliance with USAID regulations and timely reporting.


    Master‘s degree plus nine years of relevant experience post degree.
    Complementary experience working in administration and finance, particularly related budget and logistics management.
    Demonstrated knowledge of social sector development issues in Kenya and USAID.
    Experience in planning, management, USAID procurement procedures, administrative and financial procedures and reporting requirements.
    Prior experience managing geographically dispersed teams is preferred.
    Fluency in both written and spoken English required.

Finance Manager

The Finance Manager (FM) will oversee the management of financial and reporting functions for the Kenya education project in its Nairobi as well as its regional offices and will ensure compliance with the terms of the agreement with USAID/Kenya.

S/he will ensure appropriate systems and procedures (cash management, vendor payments, budgeting and other related FM duties) are in place to properly disburse, account, budget and report project funds which are cost effective, timely and have proper internal controls.

S/he will provide supervision of up to five other staff in her/his department. S/he is also responsible for transparent implementation of HR strategies.


    Bachelor degree plus six (6) years or a Masters degree plus three (3) experience in Finance or Accounting with CPA;
    At least three (3) years of experience working for a USAID project is desirable;
    Managerial experience is desirable with proven strong managerial skills;
    Experience overseeing human resource management;
    High proficiency in Excel and other Microsoft Office software and knowledge and experience with QuickBooks;
    ability to follow procedures, meet deadlines and work independently and cooperatively with team members.

Senior Education Advisor

The Senior Education Advisor will provide overall technical leadership in carrying out activities related to improving early grade reading in early primary grades.

S/he will oversee development of: teacher professional development content; teaching and learning materials development; teacher evaluation and student assessment systems and ICT into reading activities.

S/he will work with RTI technical staff to identify, harmonize effective mother tongue literacy and English transition instructional approaches to be used in early grades.


    Ph.D. in education or a Masters in Education with at least 10 years of relevant experience in literacy and teacher education.
    Demonstrated experience in literacy improvement, education management and governance, ICT in education applications, and/or assessment.
    Demonstrated ability to: manage and motivate a team of Kenyan technical staff and sub-project teams at the County level;
    work with government to deliver on results;
    and collaborate for policy promotion and capacity development with counterparts.
    Excellent oral and written communication skills.
    Fluency in English a must.

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Director

The M&E Director will be responsible for coordinating and managing all monitoring, evaluation and research tasks and deliverables for the project including:

    establishing systems for gathering, reporting and analyzing performance data for impact and sustainability of project implementation;
    conducting monitoring on a regular basis;
    analyzing the data flows and ensuring quality of data being collected by regular visits to target project sites; and
    training regional staff in their M&E responsibilities, use of tools for data collection and application of M&E process for building capacity of local MOE counterparts in educational monitoring.

S/he will ensure that required reports and documentation for both internal and external needs are produced according to USAID/Kenya guidelines.


    Masters Degree in Economics, Statistics and or any other closely related areas.
    Six years of work experience with a focus on education programs.
    Exceptional technical skills in data management, M&E, survey design, mapping and/or assessment required.
    Proficiency in Excel, Word, and other MS Office software and data analysis software (such as SPSS or Stata) a must.
    Thorough knowledge of M&E systems and USAID regulations and strong oral/written communication skills in English.

Assessment Manager

The Assessment Manager will coordinate all project led assessment of program outcomes and will:

    develop instruments, tools sampling and , complex weighting;
    conduct analysis of data and draft reports;
    and train relevant project and counterpart personnel on Stata and/or SPSS analytic techniques.


    Bachelor or Master’s degree in Economics, Statistics or related field.
    6 years of work experience in assessments in education.
    Skills in SPSS, Stata, and other statistical software required along with all other MS Office software.

County Directors

(4 Candidates for 4 Regions)

The Country Director will oversee implementation of project activities at the county level, manage project systems and procedures, provide financial oversight of regional bank accounts, support technical implementation and activities when needed and supervise all staff in the county office.

S/he will each be charged with liaising with government counterparts and other stakeholders to foster good working relationships at the regional level with all counterparts.


    BA Degree in Business Administration, Management, Education or related field.
    At least 7 years of experience managing staff, budgets, and logistics for a large scale, preferably education, program.
    Demonstrated experience managing international donor projects with project management, human resources and/or financial administration of projects.
    Fluency in English, Kiswahili and other local languages and desirable.
    Excellent computer skills including Word, Excel, Access, and QuickBooks.
    USAID experience highly desirable.

Communication and Advocacy Specialist

    The Communication and Advocacy Specialist will provide overall communications management for the project.
    S/he will develop and implement communications strategies focusing on project priorities;
    contribute to enhanced production and dissemination of communication and advocacy and help raise national awareness on specific issues;
    edit reports, studies, press releases, speeches and good practice documentation to ensure quality.


    Master degree in Social Sciences, Journalism, or Communications/Public Relations. 6 years of experience in communications.
    Experience in: planning, executing and monitoring communications strategies, conducting communications campaigns and building capacity.
    Competence in information systems skills, particularly in publications software required.
    Excellent oral and written communications and editing skills in English;
    Experience working on a USAID-funded or other donor project.

Teacher Professional Development Specialist

The Teacher Professional Development Specialist (TPDS) will be responsible for: initiating and developing new methods training programs for teaching literacy in the early grades: reinforcing teachers’ understanding and use of English as a medium of instruction and transition to English.

S/he will also collaborate closely with ministry counterparts and local education officials; and coordinate, supervise and support all aspects of training delivery and in-school support.


    Master’s Degree in education with 6 years of experience or Bachelor’s Degree and 10 years of experience in developing teacher training curricula and coordinating teacher training activities and inputs.
    Significant experience in education development for reading and/or literacy in early grades. Established working relationships with education government counterparts.
    Experience providing technical assistance and coordinating program field work.
    Proven ability as a facilitator/trainer.
    Strong communication skills in English.

Curriculum Development Specialist

The Curriculum Development Specialist will develop teaching and student instructional materials in Kiswahili, English language and other mother-tongue languages..

S/he will be responsible for designing high-quality and appropriately sequenced reading interventions; translating them into guidelines for publishing high-quality educational materials; and organizing and managing technical aspects of concurrent technical workshops focused on materials development.

S/he will support capacity building efforts across all levels of the education system


    Masters degree in education with at least 4 years of experience developing educational materials for early grades including instructional materials for teaches and readers for children.
    Significant experience in reading and/or literacy in early grades issues and mother tongue and English transition instruction strategies.
    Strong relationship with government counterparts around policy and curriculum development aspects.
    Knowledge of Kenyan curricular norms and standards expected. Experience with USAID-funded projects preferred.
    Fluency in English and Kiswahili required.

Gender and Disabilities Specialist

The Gender and Disabilities Specialist will review language specific instructional materials teacher guides for gender fairness and inclusiveness in accordance with international and USAID specified frameworks.

S/he will be responsible for ensuring that inclusivity strategies are integrated into the teaching and learning materials and supporting capacity building efforts across all levels of the education system on gender sensitivity and disabilities issues.


    Masters degree in gender studies, sociology, anthropology, education or a related field with at least 4 years of relevant experience.
    Demonstrated knowledge of gender and inclusiveness issues in curricula and teacher training programs.
    Strong understanding of Kenyan laws and practices around gender, equality and inclusion.
    Fluency in English and Kiswahili required.

Kiswahili Language Expert

The Kiswahili Language Expert will provide overall leadership in developing and/or adapting Kiswahili language reading and instructional materials for teachers and students for the early grades of primary education.

S/he will collaborate with ministry counterparts the Kiswahili language content and support with advocacy campaigns and messages in mediums other than print.


    Advanced degree in Kiswahili language instruction and/or literacy with a focus on curriculum and instruction, early grade reading, teacher training, and/or assessment.
    A minimum of 7 years of relevant experience working in this field.
    Demonstrated ability to work with NGOs, technical experts, and government agencies in the design and implementation of large-scale educational programs.
    Fluency in oral and written Kiswahili as well as English required.

ICT for Education Learning Specialist

The ICT for Education Learning Specialist will support RTI’s work in applying innovative technologies to enhance classroom teaching and learning, teacher training, education management and capacity building and facilitate communication and collaboration among education stakeholders.

S/he will manage the integration of ICT for early grade reading interventions and provide technical assistance in developing appropriate ICT-enabled approaches.


    Bachelor’s degree in education, educational technology, or a related field.
    Minimum of 6 years of experience in applying ICT in education at the primary level for teacher training or other relevant training on the use of ICT (software and hardware) to support teaching and learning and professional development.
    Experience with open and distance learning mechanisms, including e-learning and m-learning (using mobile devices for training).
    Excellent computer skills in common productivity programs, solid photo and video editing and basic multimedia content /web development;
    Excellent soft skills, including interpersonal and communication skills and organizational and mentoring skills.

Procurement Manager

The Procurement Manager will manage the project’s overall logistics and procurement for national and regional offices and coordinate logistical arrangements with partner organizations and consultants.

S/he will manage procurements of large scale teaching and learning materials, their distribution and oversee all associated budget and expenditure responsibilities – in compliance with USAID rules and regulations. establish and maintain project electronic and paper files, provide support to track accounts payable and receivable, and manage logistics (including purchase of supplies, making photocopies, reservations, etc.) for national and regional travel.

S/he will also be responsible for other project procurements including vehicles, IT equipment and other equipment and materials.


    Bachelor’s degree plus 3 years of experience in procurement, logistics, supply chain management, or related field;
    Experience working with USAID or other US government-funded projects desirable;
    Must have strong organizational skills, ability to multi-task, and be detail and deadline-oriented.
    Knowledge of computer software such as Word, Excel, Power Point;
    Ability to communicate and liaise verbally and in writing with partners/ suppliers/visitors and staff, and interpret/respond clearly and effectively to verbal or written instructions

How to apply

RTI invites eligible candidates to indicate their interest in the position no later than March 12, 2013.

Applications should consist of a letter (maximum one page) with clearly specified position for which the candidate is applying, detailed curriculum vitae, and 3 professional references, including your professional relationship with that person, the person’s telephone number and, if possible, an email address.

Applications must be submitted via the Internet to the following address:

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview.

To learn more about RTI and our work in international development, please visit RTI is proud to be an EEO/AA

Interview questions: WRONG & RIGHT ANSWERS.

 One of the most important keys to succeeding in a job interview is preparation. And one of the very best kinds of preparation you can do is find out what kinds of questions the interviewer is likely to ask you, and give some thought to what your answers will be.

This can make or break an interview. It can make the difference between you sitting there looking like an antelope caught in the headlights, mumbling, “Um…ah… let me think…” and you looking calm and collected and impressively in control.

Here are some common questions, some really wrong answers, and some possible right answers. You may think of even better answers, but if all else fails, these answers will sound reasonably sensible.
Question 1: Tell me about yourself.
Wrong answer: Well, I was born in Mombasa, but we moved here a couple of years later, after my parents divorced. I’m currently single, although I was engaged for two years, but he cheated on me, so then…

Possible answer: I graduated from Nairobi University three years ago, with a Bcom in Marketing, and then spent a year at Company X, in the marketing department, then two years at Company Y, also in marketing. Unfortunately, Company Y closed down, and then I heard about this opportunity at your company, doing the thing I really love…marketing....bla bla get the idea!

Reason: In almost all cases, your answers to the HR manager’s questions should be related to business, not to your personal life.

Question 2: Why do you want to work here?
Wrong answer: It’s really close to where I live, and my sister works here. Also, you’re the only people employing right now.

Possible answer: I’ve read that your company is the second most successful manufacturer in product xyz, and I like the idea of working somewhere with a great future and lots of challenge.

Reason: This is where research is essential, and where you can show the employer that you didn’t just pick their company’s name out of a hat – that you’ve done research and really want to work for them.

Question 3: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Wrong answer: Well, not still here, that’s for sure!
Possible answer: I don’t want to be someone who hops from job to job, like so many people do today. I’d like to stay at the same company for a long time, although maybe move up to higher positions within that company eventually.

Reason: Show you’re not a candidate to change jobs now and then. Show them their training time and money won’t be wasted on you.

Question 4: When people compliment you, what do they compliment you on the most?
Wrong answer: Usually on my naturally black hair unlike Wambui's in accounts department. They also comment that my eyelashes are unbelievably long!

Possible answer: I’ve been told I’m very decisive. Also, that I’m really good at motivating people.

Reason: See Answer Number 1.
Question 5: What did you dislike about your last job?
Wrong Answer: My Asian boss was a slave driver. It was nag, nag, nag. Always on my back about getting stuff done, hurry up, stop taking tea breaks, get in earlier. What a jerk!

Possible Answer: There were a few challenges, but nothing I couldn’t handle.

Reason: No one wants to employ a whiner, or a high-maintenance person.
Question 6: What kind of experience do you have for this job?

Wrong Answer: That depends. What do you do here?
Possible Answer: I know you’re looking for someone with B.A Degree in education, and who has experience working with young children, and also a First Aid Certificate and CPR, and I have all those. Also, I have worked at a busy private school for four years gaining experience in teaching and administration.

Reason: Once again, show you’ve done your research, and that your skills match their requirements.

Question 7: What would you say is your main weakness?
Wrong Answer: Well, I do drink/take drugs/steal office stationery/assault co-workers quite a bit.

Possible Answer: Obviously I have weaknesses, like everybody, but I really don’t think I have weaknesses that will affect my ability to do this job well.

Reason: This is admittedly a kind of trick question, and it’s hard to avoid the tendency to say things like, “I’m too much of a perfectionist” or “I work way too many hours.” You could try the above answer, or come up with something even cleverer on your own. Either way, be prepared!

Question 8: Why did you leave your last job?
Wrong Answer: I’m sorry but I can’t answer that until the court case is over.

Possible Answer: Unfortunately my company was downsizing and as one of the newest employees, I was one of the first to be laid off.

Possible Answer #2: I enjoyed my work at the last company, but there was no opportunity for advancement, and eventually I felt it was time to leave.

Reason: Never badmouth your last employer. It makes you look disloyal and bitter. If you left under awkward or difficult circumstances, take some time to think of a neutral, and non-hostile, non-self-pitying way to explain the situation. Tell the truth, but keep it unemotional and be as objective as possible.
Question 9: What kind of salary are you looking for?

Wrong Answer: I don’t know. How much do you make?

Possible Answer: (if you don’t have a clue) How much is the going rate for this position?

Possible Answer: (if you’ve done your research) I know that the average pay for this job is about K'sh 60,000. Is that about what this position pays?

Reason: You don’t want to ask for such an exorbitant salary that you price yourself out of a job. On the other hand, it’s important to show that you value what you have to offer. So go online – you’ll find government reports that give you the average salary or hourly rate being paid for your position in your area
Question 10: Tell me about a time you… dealt with a difficult customer/ came up with an idea that saved the company money/ had problems with a co-worker/solved a problem no one else could…

Wrong answer: Um…………I don’t know…’re putting me on the spot. OH MY GOD! You're making me nervous.

Possible answers: These are up to you. Before you go on any interviews, spend time thinking of all the scenarios you can come up with of situations at work where you dealt with problems, or had great success, or even small success. That way, you’ll have lots of scenarios to share with an employer.
Reason: Telling the employer you’re smart, a good motivator, innovative, a problem solver, mean nothing without concrete examples. Think of some BEFORE the interview. It will make a great impression.

There are so many other questions an interviewer could ask you. What is your energy level like? What was a typical day like in your last job? Define an ideal boss. Describe how one employee can affect the whole company. You can never think of them all, but if you do research, you’ll be sure to ace at least a few of the questions, which is more than a lot of the applicants will be able to do.

Finally, make sure your answers are true, and not just what you think the employer wants to hear. Your goal is not to manipulate him or her, but to show yourself at your very best. You’ll probably be way too nervous at the interview to think as clearly as you usually do, so do lots of preparation before you go. You’ll feel and act way more confident, and it could make all the difference.

Now, which interview question makes you sweat? Leave details at comments section and it shall be answered in subsequent posts.

Massive Graduate Trainee Jobs in Kenya (34 Positions)

 Graduate Trainees

National Oil Corporation of Kenya is a State Corporation founded under the Companies Act in 1981 with the mandate of participating in all aspects of the Kenyan petroleum industry.

National Oil is involved in both Upstream and Downstream activities.

The Corporation is ISO certified, and is one of the fastest growing companies in the petroleum industry.

National Oil is seeking to recruit self-driven graduates below the age of 35 years, who have a high level of organisational and analytical skills and have demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities, to join the Corporation’s Management Trainee programme.

The successful applicants will undergo an eighteen (18) month on the job training.

However, the specific training details will be at the discretion of the Corporation and upon satisfactory evaluation, they will be deployed to the different sections within Exploration & Production department.

Petroleum Geologist Trainees - (7 Posts)

    Must possess a Bachelor’s Degree in Geology with a minimum of Upper Second Class Honours.
    Post graduate training in Geology and/or GIS will be an added advantage.
    Ability to work in an integrated team environment and communicate effectively across disciplines.
    High standards of personal integrity.
    Well – regarded demeanor.
    Good team-working skills and a strong sense of self-motivation.

Petroleum Geophysicist Trainees - (7 Posts)

    Must possess a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics, Physics with Mathematics or Mathematics with a minimum of Upper Second Class Honors.
    Ability to work in an integrated team environment and communicate effectively across disciplines.
    High standards of personal integrity.
    Well – regarded demeanor.
    Good team-working skills and a strong sense of self-motivation.

Petroleum Geochemist Trainees - (7 posts)

    Must possess a Bachelors degree in Geology, Geology with Chemistry, or Industrial Chemistry with a minimum of Upper Second Class Honors.
    Ability to work in an integrated team environment and communicate effectively across disciplines.
    High standards of personal integrity.
    Well – regarded demeanor.
    Good team-working skills and a strong sense of self-motivation.

Petroleum Engineer Trainees - (9 posts)

    Must possess a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, Civil or Mining Engineering
    With a minimum of an Upper Second Class
    Ability to work in an integrated team environment and communicate effectively across disciplines.
    High standards of personal integrity.
    Well – regarded demeanour.
    Good team-working skills and a strong sense of self-motivation.

Petroleum Lawyer Trainees - (2 posts)

    Must possess a Bachelors degree in Law with a minimum of an Upper Second Class Honors
    Post graduate Diploma in Law
    Ability to work in an integrated team environment and communicate effectively across disciplines.
    High standards of personal integrity.
    Well – regarded demeanor.
    Good team-working skills and a strong sense of self-motivation.

Petroleum Economist Trainees - (2 posts)

    Must possess a Bachelors Degree specialized in a discipline such as Accounts, Statistics, or Economics with a Minimum of an Upper Second Class Honors .
    Ability to work in an integrated team environment and communicate effectively across disciplines.
    High standards of personal integrity.
    Well – regarded demeanor.
    Good team-working skills and a strong sense of self-motivation

Skills & Attributes:

    Ability to work in an integrated team environment and communicate effectively across disciplines.
    High standards of personal integrity.
    Well – regarded demeanour.
    Good team-working skills and a strong sense of self-motivation.

If you believe your career objectives match any of these challenging roles, please submit your application letter, together with a detailed CV, e-mail address and telephone numbers to reach us on or before 15th March 2013.

Applicants should register and apply online at:

In the alternative, applications may be sent by post to: Human Capital Business Solutions Ltd, P. O. Box 40672-00100 Nairobi.

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