Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Canada Law Expert

Title: Canada Law Expert
Date Posted: 2012-12-25
Location: San Francisco Bay Area
About Us

Pearl.com and JustAnswer have been changing the way professional services are delivered online since 2003. Dubbed by The Huffington Post as "destined for glory," we are the largest paid Q&A sites where people get answers from Lawyers, Doctors, Vets, Accountants and other Professionals.

Become an Expert

As a Quantcast Top 200 site, we get thousands of questions from customers every day, and we need Experts like you to provide great answers! Answering questions on Pearl.com and JustAnswer is a great way for you to use your expertise to help people online and earn additional money on your own schedule. Last month, one of our top-earning Experts earned just over $8,500.

Canada Law

We are currently looking for Canadian Lawyers to answer Legal questions online. Questions pertain to Business, Family, Criminal, Tax and many other fields of Law.

How it Works

* Once you're accepted as an Expert, simply log on to our website to see new questions posted in real time.
* Answer any questions you think you can give an outstanding answer to.
* Get paid every time a customer accepts your answer. You will be compensated at a percentage cost of each question. At the moment, the payout if 50% of the cost of each question.


An attorney, Lawyer, Barrister, or Solicitor license or certificate that is active and in good standing and specialization in an area of Canada Law (e.g. 5+ years practice in this area).

You can work from home from any country.

Please direct questions to the e-mail address below.

Company Description

At Pearl.com, we make the world better by connecting people with verified professionals to help answer questions and solve problems - from the everyday to the life-changing. We are always looking for smart people who are resourceful, creative, and enjoy being challenged intellectually. Working with Pearl.com also gives you the chance to make a difference every day!
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Contact information: professionalrecruiting@pearl.com


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