Monday, December 24, 2012

New Year New Meaningful Fundraiser Job Start Your Fundraising Adventure Across The Uk

Job details:

Have you always dreamed of having a meaningful job? Do you enjoy helping people? Are you fearless and an excellent communicator? Why not open a new door and jump in to the unknown?

-We will guide you!

- Full time face to face street or indoor shopping center fundraising role
- Unique chance to travel across the UK for free! (We pay for your accommodation and travel)
- Basic rate of pay GBP275/week+ bonuses, so your target earnings are GBP350-450/week and a chance to earn up to GBP600/week!

If you want to accept the challenge of the New Year and hop on, click the ORANGE button, or give Teija or Ana a call on 0207 622 2270 (back at the office from the 2nd of January!)

Phone: 0207 720 7764



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