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Native English multimedia journalists Jobs

About Global Connection

Global Connection is an independent, international expat partner support organisation with more than 20 years’ experience. We support the partners of employees on expat assignments worldwide. These expat partners are located in over 140 countries and represent more than 80 nationalities. For more information, please visit our website and click on ‘About us’.
Our network and media
Besides our main activities of coaching and training, our services include a corporate Network & Media membership with information on expat life, relationships, expat kids, culture, destinations, networking, (alternatives to) employment, repatriation and other expat partner related issues. 
These services, and more, are currently offered via various channels, including:

    quarterly magazine (digital and print)
    website, also for International HR/Global Mobility; new website to be launched soon
    email newsletters, also for International HR/Global Mobility

Job description

Global Connection is a dynamic, flexible and rapidly growing organisation. Our freelance media professionals are based all over the world. Our near future focus is to further evolve into  online media with a growing emphasis on video production. We are seeking all-round multimedia journalists, who understand our target groups: expat partners and assigning organisations. You should be able to cover expat partner related subjects in short, in-depth contributions.

Specific job requirements

    Higher professional education; or to university level, preferably with a degree in multimedia journalism
    Expat (partner) experience in various countries, preferably on various continents
    Intercultural networker and team player; able to communicate diplomatically on all levels and with very diverse target groups
    Proven multimedia human interest journalistic and editorial experience, including video; ideally also brand journalistic experience
    The internet should be your second home and online communication should be second nature to you
    English native (standard British spelling and punctuation) and preferably other languages
    Drive for excellence, eye for detail
    Entrepreneurial drive; no nine-to-five mentality
    Able to work cost efficiently within a custom publishing scope and IT infrastructure
    Preferably have knowledge of International HR/Global Mobility and familiar with coaching/training industry, ideally with experience as coach/trainer
    No travelling; working from (home) office, anywhere in the world, with an excellent internet connection

How to Apply

Interested & fit all the requirements?
Please fill in the application form on our website at ‘Careers’, attach a CV and the requested exemplary work and email to Jacqueline van Haaften:


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