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Co-Coordinator Needed

Location: Oakland, CA
-- Co-Coordinator for Alameda Co. Bike PE Program --

Safety Program Co-Coordinator

20-25 hrs/wk

Cycles of Change is looking for a special individual to help us coordinate our Safety Programs.

About Cycles of Change:

Cycles of Change is a 13 year old, collectively run, non-profit dedicated to improving the lives of East Bay residents by providing a variety of bicycle education programs for youth and adults. Please visit: HYPERLINK "http://www.cyclesofchange.org" www.cyclesofchange.org to find out more about us.

About Safe Routes To Schools (SR2S):

SR2S is an international movement to create opportunities for children to walk, bicycle, and take transit to and from schools, with a particular emphasis on low-income schools. SR2S is intended to reverse the alarming trend toward childhood obesity and inactivity and to reduce the production of green house gas emissions that lead to climate change. Cycles of Change is assisting with the effort in the East Bay to adapt the SR2S program, to serve a more diverse urban population. "Drive Your Bike" safety classes and Bike Rodeos are two programs offered to schools and educational centers in West Contra Costa County, the City of Albany, and Alameda County. Visit HYPERLINK "http://transformca.org/sr2s" http://transformca.org/sr2s to find out more about the existing Alameda County Safe Routes To Schools program.

About Cycles of Change's Bike Safety and Encouragement Programs:

As a bicycle safety educator we simultaneously train students, school staff, and parent volunteers in our 6-day hands-on bike safety curriculum that takes students from the classroom to riding onthe street. Each model tailored specifically to the structure of the school whether it is an elementary school, middle school, or one day event with a range of student ages. The goal being that this program coupled with other programs will encourage a mode shift.

Cycles of Change partners with PE teachers to train classes of 30-55 4th-8th grade students in bicycle safety education. This occurs through a 6-day curriculum set up with the PE teacher and principal prior to program execution.

Bike Rodeos are a one-day event where youth have the opportunity to learn bike safety on site using a condensed 30-60 minute curriculum.

Visit HYPERLINK "http://www.cyclesofchange.org/programs/safe-routes-to-school/" http://www.cyclesofchange.org/programs/safe-routes-to-school/ to find out more information.

About The Position:

Cycles of Change seeks an outgoing, self directed, flexible, highly organized individual with good communication skills to coordinate and implement our safety programs. The position will start out as a lead educator position with the opportunity to grow into a coordinator role after 3-6 months of training.

The educator's time will be divided between the following:

20% email/phone communication

45% teaching bike safety

15% maintaining materials

20% program development and planning.

This person must be able to communicate with state agencies, school administrators, local government officials, teachers, parents, students, and the general public in a professional, positive, and cooperative manner.

This new employee will meet with the previous program coordinators 1-2 times a month for 6 months to review program progress, team dynamics, and the work plan. When not in the field, this person may work from home and/or our office in the Fruitvale district of Oakland.

Required Qualifications:

2-5 years of experience educating youth from low-income communities.

1 year of experience leading outdoor activates, preferably on bikes.

One year of experience repairing bikes in a shop setting, or basic bicycle maintenance understanding/experience (fixing flats/ adjusting front and rear derailleurs/ break adjustments).

At least 1 year of program coordination, management or bottom-lining and administrative experience.

Experience working with public/private partnerships.

The ability to work a flexible schedule and adjust as needed to accommodate deadlines, staffing issues and program needs.

Class C driver's license and ability to drive a 24' truck.

Must be physically able to: lift 40 lbs, ride 10-12 miles, and teach outdoors for 8-10 hrs.

Experience with collectively run projects and process.

Experience coordinating diverse staff and volunteers.

Sensitivity and understanding of issues facing low-income communities; high level of cultural competency.

Proficiency with Microsoft Word, MS Excel, and Power Point.

The ability to work evenings and occasional weekends.

Occasional ability to work up to 12 hours a day.

Personal qualities such as: a positive attitude, good judgment, self-management, dependability, patience, respect for peers and youth, and a passion for teaching.

The ability to share responsibilities and divide tasks with Co-Coordinator.

Desired Qualifications:

Experience leading on-bike activates or rides.

Experience working in a collective.

Experience in graphic design.

Experience writing grant reports and grants.

CPR certified. Visual and auditory ability to respond to critical incidents and the physical ability to act swiftly in a emergency situation.

Experience with event planning.

A solid understanding and practice of bicycle commuting and safety; (LCI certification)

Understanding of partner organizations and pre existing relationships with employees at Transform, East Bay Bicycle Coalition, and Alta Planning and Design.

Bi-lingual in English and Spanish.


Program Management:

Contact and follow up with school leads from the Safety team at Transform.

Revise program descriptions, curricula, evaluation tools, and outreach materials as needed;

Periodically check in with contract sponsors to review work scope progress and evaluation tools.

Create and update a schedule for all programs on the Google calendar.

Communicate and share resources with site contacts to prepare for upcoming programs.

Improve efficiency and effectiveness of operations by creating new systems and tools for the program.

Adapt program curricula to fit varying environments.

Keep statistics of participant attendance.

Collect program evaluations from all sites and meet to improve program based on evaluations.

Check and respond to email/voicemail within 1 business day, M-F.

On-site educating:

Educate students on bike safety curriculum.

Appropriately handle and follow up on student, staff, or volunteer conflicts.

Look out for the best interest and safety of students at all times. Follow protocol for injury management, if necessary.

Train SR2S school teachers and volunteers in the curriculum at every opportunity, sending them the appropriate information and volunteer brochure ahead of time.

Take pictures and video to document work.

Administer Pre/Post Tests to a all SR2S sites.

Teach Learners when possible;

Materials Management:

Inventory, organize, and order needed supplies

Check up on supplies every two months.

Schedule and staff mechanics days in order to ensure bicycle fleet is in optimum working condition.

Maintain functionality of bicycles and equipment at each site and at the storage facilities (currently Changing Gears and 23rd and International).

Staff Management:

Recruit and train staff and volunteers as needed to assist with education and fleet maintenance.

Complete peer reviews on a regular basis as directed by HR.

Maintain a high level of communication with co-coordinator.

Fiscal/Administrative Management:

Complete invoice narratives each month to be sent to fiscal sponsor, Alta.

Collaborate with the Financial Coordinator to develop, revise, and track budgets.

Track time and expenses devoted to each separate program.

Review spending for each program quarterly to stay within budget/ set up quarterly budget meeting reviews with co-coordinator.

Assist Financial Coordinator with creating and reviewing invoices.

Meet with the Cycles of Change Leadership Team (OAKS) and contract sponsors to report on program progress.

Represent Cycles of Change's values and best interest when meeting with Safe Routes to School Partners, school sites, government agencies, bike community representatives, potentials funders, and other key Cycles of Change partners.

Self evaluate programs in relation to the Cycles of Change strategic plan and the community's needs.

Submit all required documentation on a timely basis, including but not limited to attendance sheets, timecards, and incident reports.

Attend mandatory Cycles of Change meetings, trainings, and events.

Organize all electronic documents in relevant folders on home computer and on the online resource websites.

This position description is not a written or an implied contract. It will be reviewed periodically and may be revised if deemed necessary. This position has supervisory relationship over children. Performance reviews will be conducted annually but do not necessarily constitute a required increase in pay.

Compensation and Benefits

The exact number of hours per week is yet to be determined. The position is expected to be between 20-25 hrs/wk. Pay rate is dependent on experience. The range is $20-$24/hr. Compensation includes health insurance and 2 weeks vacation time. Cycles of Change is an equal opportunity employer. People of color and women are strongly encouraged to apply.

How to Apply:

Interested individuals are invited to email a cover letter and resume to the address below.

Applicants will be evaluated on the following criteria.

Experience coordinating, managing or bottom-lining a project

Experience working with youth, specifically from low-income neighborhoods in an outdoor setting

Quality of cover letter and application

Short responses to the 10-question survey below

In your resume or cover letter please address your experience working with youth, your experience with bicycle mechanics, and program coordination.

Attachments should be in Word or PDF format, titled as follows:



We will accept applications up to January 9th

To see if the position is still available,please go to www.cyclesofchange.org and check if it is still listed in the "Jobs" section of our website.

Co-Coordinator Application Questions

1. What relevant experiences do you have working with youth? What do you love about working with middle school and high school youth. What are some challenges? Please indicate a variety of experiences you have had.

2. What youth development skills do you think you would like to work on? (conflict resolution, "classroom" management, icebreaker games, etc)

3. What is your bike riding experience & how long have you been riding? (commuting, recreational, touring, etc)

4. In detail please explain your confidence level and knowledge of bike mechanics.

5. Which bike mechanic skills do feel you need the most help in to feel confident on the road with a large group of students?

6. What additional skills/assistance will you need to be successful in this position? (please provide details)

7. What is your experience working with or in collectives/collectively run projects?

8. Descried any experiences you've had leading bike trips or any other outdoor activity.

9. What experiences best prepared you for this position?

10. Describe an experience being part of a team.

This Job is Listed on Our Website

Start date: February 8, 2013
Application deadline: January 9, 2013
Education requirements: No requirement
Employment type: Part time
Professional level: None specified
Company: Cycles of Change
Contact person: Not mentioned
Contact information: Hiring@cyclesofchange.org


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