Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Feature / Opinion Writers

Location: Not mentioned
BagoGames.com is a fast growing Gaming News and Review site. We have news writers, we have review writers, we even have video production people, and regular original content.

What we need is features. Original and opinionated content. Such as top 10 lists, best and worst of (e.g., Worst Game cover art of 2012, The Best Games of All Time, Game of the Month, Game of the year), 7 things you didn't know, and other classic feature formats which we can go over later.

We will pay a rate of 50 cents per article (the amount per week to be decided by your schedule and willingness.)

There are two job openings for this position:

Title: Feature Editor

Company: BagoGames.com
Contact person: Trevor Kincaid
Contact information: info@bagoGames.com


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