Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Shojo Superheroine Manga Artist Jobs

Location: Not mentioned
Hello all,

Seeking a replacement artist for an in-progress web comic (To be eventually self-printed). It's a Super Hero comic, but more Shojo than Shonen, and more dialog/comedy than action.

Able to offer $20-25 a page (depending on the addition, or absence, of text/dialog).
I realize this is not a boatload of cash, but since this quite honestly an expensive hobby at the moment, it is all we are able to offer. Hopefully this will change down the road, but this our reality as of this moment.

Looking to do 1 page every 7-9 days, OR a block of 20 pages over xx weeks.
Your style should be in the vicinity of the current comic pages, but does NOT have to match them. Open minded to slight interpretation + differences in style.
If you are interested (and we would like to get a feel for your work), we would request a sample page based on a script, and will compensate you if necessary.

For current strips/ characters/ samples, please go to:

Thank you for your time!!

Company: Not mentioned
Contact person: Chris
Contact information:


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