Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Social Media Intern

Location: New Orleans, LA
Social Media Internship for Summer Youth Program

Description: Help develop strategy for maintaining social media presence on the web that consists of website enhancements using Go Daddy, blog via Go Daddy, maintain presence on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others as appropriate. Responible for teaching appropriate and effective use of social media to teens in weekly sessions.

Duties and Responsibities

1. Develop and maintain plan for organization's Internet presence to include management of online groups. 2. Perform continuous enhancements and modifications to blogs, websites and social media outlets. 3. Assess new standards, technologies and trends, and formulate plans for future enhancement to social media strategies. 4. Use latest syndication and blogging tools with HTML, when appropriate. 5. Ensure blog(s) are accessible from a variety of different environments and push to other websites and discussion groups. 6. Produces a consistent visual image including maintenance of templates and image archives. 7. Ensure images are delivered to the viewer at sufficient high speed and quality. 8. Creates image links and ensure links are up to date. 9. Troubleshoot and repairs bugs and problems. 10. Respond promptly to blog comments and email 11. Provide metrics of traffic statistics, reports and blog comment feedback to appropriate areas. 12. Research, write/edit and create layout for new articles and features. 13. Act as liaison between blog readers and corporation 14. Perform other duties, as assigned.


Possess engaging "conversational" writing skills with a professional posture. Must be computer and Internet/search engine savvy to perform online research. Must thrive in a fast paced, entrepreneurial environment. Must be proactive and have a strong desire to learn social media and apply practical learning to enhance internet presence for Excite All Stars and related companies. Must work in virtual environment. Would prefer a current junior or senior at the undergraduate level.



* Ability to evaluate new and evolving blog technologies.
* Solid understanding of all sections related to the anatomy of a blog and WordPress
* Knowledge and understanding of current editing, authoring tools, and related blog technologies.
* Ability to utilize computerized word processing, blogging and internet software.
* Solid foundation in search engine optimization (SEO) and implementing RSS technology
* Knowledge and understanding of internet operations and functionality
* Ability to evaluate new and evolving blogging technologies.
* Skill in the use of computerized blog layout and design software.


* Proofreading and editing skills.
* Ability to create, compose, and edit written materials.
* Ability to write simply with a conversational style
* Writing should be informative, but not verbose

Business Savvy

* Ability to include corporate objectives and mission throughout blog presentation
* Solicit feedback from internal departments
* Understand mission of key departments
* Assist management in Identifying opportunities, based on new developments in the blogsphere
* Maintain high ethics with blog presentation, content and daily work tasks

Social Networking

* Strong interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to work effectively with a wide range of constituencies in a diverse community.
* Present professional, but friendly posture with blogsphere colleagues and throughout the Internet
* Provide leadership with intelligence from blog feedback, metrics and external discussions related to blog content
* Collaborate with internal departments to enhance blog features and presence

How to Apply

Submit your resume by email to the address below.

Start date: May 29, 2013
End date: August 2, 2013
Application deadline: February 28, 2013
Hours per week: 50
Stipend/Wage: Stipend: 1500-2000
Company: Directed Initiatives for Youth, Inc. dBA Excite All Stars
Contact person: Not mentioned
Contact information: admin@exciteallstars.org


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