Friday, May 17, 2013

Legacy Giving Coordinator Jobs

Location: New York, NY
Position Summary

The person filling this new position of Legacy Giving Coordinatoris accountable to the Regional Board of North America and provides guidance and support to the individual congregations as they work to create and build an active Legacy Giving Program in a way that is congruent with the specific interests and fundraising maturity of each congregation.

The Legacy Giving Coordinator will work with the congregations to find the resources they may require to develop their Legacy Giving Programs. To these ends, the Legacy Giving Coordinator will work closely with congregational liaisons and serve as a catalyst for conversation with and within our congregations.

The short and long term goals of the Legacy Giving Coordinator are to facilitate, encourage, guide, service, and support not less than six congregations in North America as they create, launch, develop, and build active an Legacy Giving Program in their communities over the next three years. There will be objective measurements provided to gauge the success of both this position and program on an annual basis.

Job Description Specifics

* Collaboratively create an operational plan and timeline to achieve Program goals.
* Drive process to contract with outside development consultants when appropriate.
* Work with consultants to develop a webinar training program for the congregational teams.
* Create and maintain Legacy Giving program materials- pamphlets, workshop proposals, question/answer guidelines, etc. - with the input of the congregational teams and Legacy Giving Group (Regional Board subgroup).
* Find, source, and promote administrative software and other resources needed to manage and monitor active and successful Legacy Giving Programs.
* Work with and between the congregations to identify operational achievement objectives, best practices, and process improvements.
* Track and report on Program activities and provide feedback to Regional Board and others.
* Initiate and deliver on vehicles for recognition and valuing of those individuals who participate in legacy giving.

Qualifications and Abilities

Ability to initiate and build relationships through listening and drawing out the interests and concerns of others.

Ability to collaborate as well as work independently. The role involves initiating dialogue, interest, materials, etc., in the context of each congregation's strategic needs and goals.

Initiative and ability to work well with ambiguity and a willingness to adjust the approach as needed.

Outstanding written and verbal communication abilities are a must.

Efficient administrative skills are essential to implement the administrative functions needed to manage a decentralized program.

Well-developed skills with a range of computer and graphical tools.

3 - 5 years of development experience preferred, but not required, depending on overall experience and knowledge of applicant.

Non-profit experience preferred.

Bachelor Degree or comparable work experience required.

Additional Considerations

This is mainly a telecommuting position; however, it is preferable that the potential candidate reside near a Christian Community congregation.

Some travel is required. The applicant should plan on 2-4 trips a year of 2-4 days duration per trip.

This is a salaried position with a range of $25-30,000 per year and requires a commitment of 20-24 hours/week. Consistent hours and availability are important.

How to Apply:

Please send a cover letter and resume to Rachael Flug at the e-mail address below with "CC JOB" in subject line.

Resumes sent without cover letters will not be considered.

Application deadline: June 10, 2013
Education requirements: No requirement
Languages needed: English, French a bonus
Employment type: Part time
Professional level: None specified
Salary details: $25-30,000


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