Friday, May 17, 2013

UI / Front End Engineer Jobs


* Lead UI engineering at H.Bloom - own tool and framework decisions, development best practice definition.
* Architect and implement H.Bloom's next generation e-commerce platform. We're starting over.
* Simplify the workflows (and lives) of our operations staff by creating elegant, simple (read: invisible) UI / UX for our internal tools. If an H.Bloom sales person can open up your UI for the first time and just get it, you've done your job.
* Communicate with and understand our end users (both internal and external) to solve inefficiencies or frustrations in their interactions with our systems. Be their advocate.
* Participate in code reviews, provide and receive feedback. Be a member of our development team who people are excited to get advice from (and give advice to).

Skills & Requirements


* Expertise building large scale Javascript applications.
* You think thoughtfully about modularizing and unit testing your client side code.
* You've rolled your own lightweight Bootstrap (or at least want to).
* Have an opinion on your favorite client side MVC framework.
* Knowledge of usability best practices and information hierarchy principles.
* Power user of Photoshop, Fireworks, Keynote, MS Paint - whatever floats your boat as long as every pixel is perfect.
* You're following people on dribbble

Would Be Cool

* Knowledge of our back-end stack - Java (Spring), Scala (Play), MySQL, AWS
* Contributor to open source projects.
* Understanding of agile development and scrum.
* You aren't allergic to flowers.
* You brew your own beer and are super generous.

About H.Bloom

H.Bloom is fast on its way to becoming the Netflix of affordable luxuries. With accolades in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Fast Company, and funding from Battery Ventures (Groupon, Skullcandy) and Shasta Ventures (, taskrabbit, Jamba Juice), we're scaling fast, and are building industry-changing technology from the ground up in the process.

With our first product line, flowers, H.Bloom has experienced fast traction in our five current markets: New York City, Washington, D.C., Chicago San Francisco and Dallas. We're poised to massively disrupt the fragmented $32B+ flower market.

About H.Bloom Tech

Our business runs on software. Way beyond the e-commerce funnels, our company consists of a complex logistics machine that lives and dies by the software that makes it go. We're executing operations at a scale that has never been seen in this industry and our engineers are dreaming up the systems to make that possible.

Our dev culture is defined by having a fun, collaborative environment to facilitate cranking out high quality software. We take collaboration very seriously. Our team is as comfortable on the whiteboard as they are on the command line. Be prepared to share, defend, and reconsider your opinions (frequently over beers or a game of ping pong). We also take cranking very seriously. We all believe in this company and are prepared to do whatever it takes to see it succeed.

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