Friday, May 17, 2013

2D Sprite Animations Needed for Android Game Developer Jobs

Hi all artists,

I'm looking for someone to design and animate the main character for a platform game. I'm an independent developer so have a small budget but willing to negotiate a pay-as-we-go agreement with a revenue percentage at the end.

The main character is a boy in a football kit, and the style I'm looking for is cel-shaded/vector style (soft colours, selective black lines) which is very popular at the moment. The boy will need to be in chibi proportions, with the football boots slightly enlarged.

The boy will need to be facing sideways, and as well as the static standing position, will need 9 small animations including running, kicking, jumping etc.

This is the first time I've hired someone to do the graphics so you will need to tell me how much you charge, would help if you could sketch a rough drawing of the boy to speed up the selection process, but primarily I'll pick based on your portfolio or similar work you can show.

Once I have the main character done I'll be looking to get the enemy/other characters created/animated, so could possibly turn into a substantial amount of work for 1 or more artists.

I work from home and am highly motivated towards creating quality, fun games for everyone to enjoy, so I'm looking for someone who is enthusiastic with their work, I don't really care if you have no formal training or employment history in graphics. If your style fits my aim then that's all you need.

Previous work of mine can be found on the Google Play Store:

Thanks for reading, looking forward to your replies, which you can send to the e-mail address below.


Company: KScreative
Contact person: Kevin
Contact information:


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