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Sales and Marketing Jobs

 Covenant Executives Consultants (COVEX) is the leading HR and managementconsultancy located in Nairobi Kenya.

We offer dynamic hr and management solutions through our experienced and qualified team.

We are recruiting for the following positions

Title: Sales Manager

2 Posts

Reporting to: Managing Director

Task description (non-exhaustive list)

    Identify targets
    Establish, improve and update his/her prospection file
    Canvass companies listed in the prospection file
    Create strong relationship with senior decision makers
    Participate in events that bring together clients and prospects
    Initiate business relationships with new corporate accounts
    Prepare performance reports for his clients
    Depending on the organization of the branch, perform the technical visits to the transferees’ homes in order to :

    estimate the volume of furniture and personal effects to be moved
    assess the technical requirements for a successful removal operation

    Provide competitive intelligence
    Provide weekly reporting of actions carried out during the week and of key performance indicators to his superiors

Main skills

Physically and psychologically persistent,

Warm, Empathic, Autonomous,

Able to ask the right questions,

Able to listen,

Able to formulate arguments,

Organized, Objective driven,


2. Sales Manager - Inspector


Their main mission is to evaluate all the necessary technical elements for a quote, to follow-up the quote until the contract is signed and to assure a correct execution once the move is booked.

Task description

    Conduct technical visits at the clients’ homes in order to estimate the volume of furniture and personal belongings to be moved
    Determine the technical means necessary in order to ensure the smooth carrying out of the operation
    Explain the flow of operations to clients and give them all the information pertaining to the destination of their move (for example, the customs duties that are applicable in the country of arrival, prohibited articles etc.)
    Develop the sales offer (in collaboration with the sales coordinators)
    Systematically send reminders to all clients / prospects after sending sales offers
    Monitor operations for the clients, to ensure their complete satisfaction
    Manage any disputes
    Perform on the spot quality checks on the moves
    Provide competitive intelligence
    Attend events bringing together current and prospective clients
    Report regularly (weekly) to the manager.

Main skills

Able to establish a good relationship with the client / prospect

Ability to listen: he /she understands what is important to the client / prospect

Observer: he / she is able to discover what is important and valuable in the eyes of the clients and uses it in his/her selling arguments

Rigorous: he/she prepares for the visit before going to the client /prospect’s, ensures that he/she has checked all the technical details of the operation. He/she prepares the quotes quickly and delivers them on time.

Persistent: he/she knows how to argue and tries to conclude the sale during the visit. If this is not possible, he/she systematically calls the client / prospect within 48 hours after sending the quote to try and book the move

Efficient: he/she constantly monitors his/her booking ratio

Qualifications: Business degree preferably sales & marketing

Experience: More than 2 years in removals industry.(Mandatory)

Gender: Strictly ladies.

Salary: Kes 80,000- 100,000 Net pay

Duty Station: Nairobi

Commencement date: February

Other benefits: Car, Medical, % on sales, Tel + laptop

How to apply:
Please send updated resume & full page cover letter stating why you are the MOST preferred candidate.

Indicate correct job title on subject line.

Candidates with relevant experience will be contacted immediately.


Note: Please DO NOT send certificates until you are requested by our office.


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