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Software Engineering Jobs

Since these are all work from home, freelance, contract and telecommute jobs, you can be based anywhere and still apply. Providing you meet the employer's requirements. However, there are times when the employer will ask for applicants from a specific location, this will be clearly stated in the job posting below.

Title: Software EngineerLocation: Los Angeles, CA
PHP / Python / Git / RabbitMQ / AngularJS / Java / C++

Enplug is looking for a backend engineer who is passionate about building scalable systems and is comfortable working within all parts of the stack. We are most interested in your skills and personality, but a CS background is a plus. You'll help build a revolutionary network of interactive smart TVs, and you'll have the opportunity to solve both software and hardware challenges.

You might fit in well at Enplug if you enjoy teaching yourself whatever you need in order to get things done. You should also be passionate about your work and the impact it has on the world. We offer each employee meaningful equity in a product and vision they believe in. We also offer competitive salaries and other things you would expect from a well-funded startup, such as:

* Health Benefits
* Flexible Work Hours
* Remote Work
* Open Vacation Policy (we don't count days)
* Access to the top tier of LA's startup network


Our backend developers work mostly in C#, but we're comfortable supporting a polyglot environment as long as the team is productive, and we value our services being cleanly decoupled to facilitate this. We use Rackspace, Github, Chef, IRC, and more to support our infrastructure. Our technology stack also includes things like RabbitMQ, AngularJS, and Supervisor. We are open-minded about experimenting with fun, new things. You should jump at the chance to play with a new technology just as much as a battle-hardened one.

We believe strongly in clean code, metrics, testing, continuous integration, and finding the best solution to a problem with as few lines of code as possible. We love the open source community, and if you're a contributor you'll fit right in.


* Experience with C#, Java, Python, or C++
* Ability to get things done, and a sense of pride in your hard work.
* Solid knowledge of engineering principles, religion in unit-testing code, and understanding of common software design patterns.

To apply, please send us:

* Your resume
* Any of the following: your LinkedIn, Github, StackOverflow, and/or blog
* A link or attachment of some code you've written
* A quick description of previous work you're proud of!
Company: Enplug, Inc.
Contact person: Not mentioned
Contact information:


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